Happy New Year to you

I love new years, especially the idea of leaving behind habits or heaviness and moving forward in a lighter way, hopefully having learned something good too.. everyone experiences life differently, and for me, to learn from the past and realizing new things is always exciting - I hope to be less rocked by what is outside my control,  more grateful and at peace. I can at least say I feel this happening more now than when I was younger.

The last couple of years for me have been full of change, as I had to face an ever widening gap between my music and the financial expectations of life. Last year I got my first ever 'real' job, in a supermarket, which has been equally terrifying and exciting and probably the biggest learning curve of my life so far. I scrub floors and shelves, get up at 4am to pack bread, crush boxes, serve customers, stack shelves, unload and sort pallets, learned to use a cash register and other machines.. which is not complex but for me,who only ever knew life through music, it's been huge. I knew I would miss the gigs but this has  helped me grow in ways I needed to and given me a whole new experience of people and the world.

 I don't know why life puts us where it does, but some things are inexplicably right. I don't know what lies ahead. I have an album coming out early this year. Whatever inspires you to jump out of bed and whatever you are passionate about, I wish you a 2016 rich in THAT !