She's a force of nature. Amazing singer and songwriter, original vocalist, wonderful trumpet player and multi-instrumentalist. She writes songs that come directly from the heart. ” - BRUCE LUNDVALL


" that she's here, it's clear she's here to stay. Killer stuff for boomers that have given up on finding anything new ever again worth their effort."  ” - MID WEST RECORDS
Geyer has a beautiful voice. Her songs have a perfect blend of fantastic vocals, songwriting and instrumentation. She scores high on sheer tunefulness of her songs. The Bridge has a singularly lovely quality to it and its reflected right from its title track. I just loved the opening bars of the liquid tones of the piano. "Waterfalls and Rainbows" is a soothing and calming song with very lovely tones of the trumpet. "Home" again showcases Geyer's fantastic talent with her voice as well as the trumpet. Loved the melody of this song. "Rain Falls" is a rich and wonderful song... the composition is intricate and very very well produced. "The Jewel" also deserves a special mention. This song has some brilliant writing and piano playing. "The Wall" has a very visual appeal to it, I especially liked the very deep meaning of the lyrics and the Geyer's mellifluous voice. The last of the 13 splendid songs in this album" Rose" has amazing guitar and humming vocals...almost a choir feel to this track.  Geyer's multi faceted talent is on full display in this wonderful album that's going to be playing quite a bit in my car for some time to come - 5 STARS” - RICKY KEJ


The Dream - 'Every time I play a track from this album on the radio, I get callers; "What was that beautiful thing you played after the news..."  JAMES VALENTINE, ABC”


For those not in the know, Elizabeth Geyer is an Australian who began her career as a jazz trumpeter, playing with various jazz groups and in backing bands for a range of pop performers, both in Australia and in the US. Adams is known as an instrument builder and for making somewhat atmospheric music with native American style flutes.  Indeed, it was actually the late record executive Bruce Lundvall, who was in charge of Blue Note Records, who propelled Geyer to the forefront of her jazz background. Indeed, it seems Geyer's dream was always to make music that might touch others, much like it has touched her along the way. Ergo, The Bridge has obviously been a long journey, an entire series of leaps of faith, one can only imagine, for the album - all 13 tracks - once heard, are not easily forgotten. What I mean is that once you get to the end of the album you hit Repeat (you will, trust me) and you listen more intently than you did the first time. The storytelling laid out between the lyrics brings forth a collection of songs that come to create a whole stunning musical work of art - one that scans and spans Geyer's personal life, one imagines. The album begins beautifully with the title track itself, 'The Bridge,' and is backed by both the stirring 'Waterfalls and Rainbows,' and the piano-infused 'Goodnight Romeo.' The singer/songwriter with jazz sensibilities continues onward with the trumpeter enhanced 'Home,' before bringing forth both the piano-backed duo 'Perfect Life' and 'Rain Falls.' Produced, engineered and mixed by the aforementioned Paul Adams, in addition to playing guitar and any instruments that Geyer could not, we continue on with The Party' ("Just because your heart can hear your words, doesn't mean your heart can hear your soul"), a track that hums along without a care in the world. Her long awaited fourth album continues with 'The Jewel,' the ballad 'I Weep,' and is then followed by the crisp piano lite 'Postcards From Paradise.' 'The Wall' is next, and is backed by the effervescent 'Place To Fly,' and the final track on this simply divine, cultured, honest album, the Flamenco guitar-led instrumental, 'Rose.' Having begun the writing for The Bridge when getting on a plane in Australia for Peoria, Illinois in Winter, 2013, having taken three long years to come to fruition, these 13 new songs are as good as anything that has gone before from Geyer - if not better. As she herself has said before, "Life is not easy, but it is full of great beauty. My hope is that these songs capture that." Well, having now listened to this album, in full, four times tonight, I can honestly say, mission accomplished, Elizabeth. Mission accomplished. - Russell Trunk ” - EXCLUSIVE MAGAZINE


    I am pretty sure this (The Bridge) isn’t progressive rock but it’s definitely progressive music. It has a lot of jazz in the mix. Yet, it’s not jazz.. The thing is, it doesn’t matter where you think this fits in terms of genre, it’s just powerful music that works exceptionally well. ” - G. W. Hill


The first time I heard Elizabeth Geyer's music, years ago on MySpace, it hit me right in the heart and the gut! That feeling has never faltered. And being able to come to know her on a personal level is a true pleasure. One thing I know; she ALWAYS follows her muse and NEVER compromises, for any reason. I have high regard and respect for this quality in a musician. This should be highly treasured. Every project of hers is different and uniquely personal. The Bridge is no exception. If you release preconceptions and just listen, you may be able to see the intense beauty and passion in the music. I guarantee that her next CD will be different as well. It is what happens when we follow the inner musician deep within ourselves. This is our inner guide, and is unaffected by outside influences. Following our inner musician comes with sacrifices. Many people will not grasp the depth of the music, because they have been indoctrinated with processed music industry pablum. It's ok. Some people prefer Kraft singles to Parmigiano Reggiano. But they are missing out on the powerful yet subtle flavors of the cheese, and of the music. Elizabeth Geyer's music is heartfelt, soulful and beautiful. She's equally proficient on the  piano and the flugelhorn.. As a singer/songwriter she is equal to the best. Her music is as honest as it gets. ” - DAVID HOFFMAN


'ELIZABETH GEYER from Sydney Australia - visiting USA here at the Karma Coffee House in Hollywood and all it takes is two brilliant songs as she sings and plays trumpet and piano all at once. Her sound affects the brain like a cup of chamomile tea and honey and a hearty piece of chocolate cake causing endorphins of peace and love. She is Nora Jones & Chris Botti all at once with dynamic vocals like the dawn and midday!' Feature Independent Artist Spotlight - Elizabeth Geyer   ” - Melanie Silos