the definition of luxury

There is a new song in me, I have  a strong feeling, that is busting to get out, and today I actually get to do that.  Life is simpler than it has been for as long as I can remember, and if I had to define 'luxury', it's not money but time. Sure maybe money can buy time but it just as often seems to end up buying more things and a complicated life. Luxury I think is time -   to write songs and in my journal and to listen - to music, God and others when they are talking, to read, walk, be present. It's incredible to have a new album almost ready to go, to be able to think about future albums. The internet, which I curse when I see the whole world on their phones instead of talking to each other, on the flip side also means I can share this new music soon with others. I'm so grateful for this time.