Somewhere More Pretty


Here is a song. It's not perfect. Full disclosure and I mean full, a zillion people are under intolerable stress and suffering right now thanks to covid and other massively difficult situations.  

Meanwhile this is my third disgustingly unproductive day in a row thanks to perfectionism, my enemy, which in light of that, is totally self absorbed, a first world problem and makes me only even more ashamed.  

I KNOW the answer is to help someone else and I do try to be helpful. Yet I also have to do this.  

Shame, self criticism has been standing in my way forever, blocking me from being able to share music I believe in. It's at its most crippling when I try to video and post with no attachment. 

 I figure the only way is through, something eventually snaps when we keep doing these things, right? I admire so much those who SHARE WITHOUT A CARE.  

Big picture: despite how this looks I do live in gratitude and ever increasingly so.  I hope your weekend is more productive than mine. But I did need to get this BLAH out because I've been stuck for so long and maybe being totally honest will help to start shifting it. This song is called Pretty, ironically about finding meaningful beauty in the parts of life that aren't so pretty.