Life's twists and turns

In 2013 when I realised I'd need to leave Sydney I was unhappy, angry, and totally burnt out with exhaustion (see my last post ). Leaving and making drastic changes was my only choice at the time but it didn't feel good. The unhappiness then turned into depression which didn't really finally fully budge until I returned here a few months ago.

Apart from the song writing, which I did to feel better, everything else I gave up – horn playing, gigs, ambitions, all my friends and social contacts. (Even now I get socially burnt out very very easily and have to be super careful).

So fast forward and this week's Valentine's gigs in World Square as you can imagine were a surprise and proof of life's unexpected twists and turns. It was one of those opportunities we've all experienced that happen out of the blue and seem meant to be. It was a pleasure to prepare for, to get back on the horn, and felt weirdly as if no time was lost, in some way some things might have been even better, plus I had all these new songs to play. While I no longer have the expectations and attachments I once did, this chance to play for others again for the simple love of songs was a dream and so much fun.

Big thanks to Coles at World Square, to Malulee (in the rose wreath) who put the whole event together, and everyone who came down especially.