New Year thoughts 2017

A year ago I went for a walk, wondering what 2016 would hold. I saw a huge tree and suddenly realized I wanted to be more like that -  deep roots, and huge branches rising above everything that may happen, but also bending with it all. To be stronger and more anchored - 2016 was going to be the year of the tree!  I tried to be more tree like.  Sometimes I succeeded, sometimes not. But I'm sure it was meant to be  - there was so much upheaval this past year it's still hard to believe. Not only personally, but for almost everyone I know,  even politically (Trump?  really???)  .  I had some  depression,  couldn't  face socializing, stayed off social networking, worked a lot, walked a lot, wrote a lot of songs.  It was a tough year but  in a strange way it was right. A couple of months ago  I  started feeling  better, a spark again.  So many people are going through their own upheavals.  2017 is a new beginning. The energy does feel different.  If last year was the year of the tree, this is the year of the P - to be positive, proactive, productive. I wish you a most inspired and  peaceful 2017!