It is a tricky  balance to find, that between making music and promoting it, which is what The Bridge is about.  We make our music  to be shared and heard by others, yet my favourite music is made only for the pure joy and privilege of making it.  I always have to be careful not to forget  that because when I do, I can fall into depression. We live in a world run by social networking and a million distractions on the internet.  I long always to get back to the real things. These past few months I've been playing a game where I say to myself  'If I HAD to write a song about THAT right there in front of me now  - eg  that hotel, or customer,  this situation, my old third grade music teacher -  what would it be'.  This game is making me very happy.  It always sounds lofty somehow but it really is true, happiness is in the doing.