you gotta do what you gotta do

I wish you a happy Easter. It's starting to feel like winter here and I am happy to be spending today just singing and working on new songs. I was thinking about how some people are much more social than others. All of us long to be connected or to contribute to others in some way. But every person seems to be wired differently. I have always loved solitude. I spent decades trying to please others, even those I love, and loved, ironically often failing, and socializing often because others wanted me to. Eventually something had to change. I am so grateful to finally be giving myself more permission to do what I dreamed about deep down which was a quiet life making music as more of an observer, following inspiration. I treasure my few close relationships and family. Life is very low key. Others say sometimes that I'm too reclusive and maybe I am. But every person's path is different and I'm doing the very best I can given the path I've been on. Whatever you are up to today and with whomever you're spending it with, in a traditional way or not, have a beautiful Easter.