lyrics !

Lyrics are such an enormous part of a song to me.  As we are putting the last finishing touches on my new album at the moment, one of the things I've been looking forward to, is sharing all the new lyrics on a page here.  Some people have been asking me about lyrics, until now they've only ever been in the cd artwork .. so here goes ! I'm going to do all the albums while I'm here, so I start today with this one, Beautiful Spiders.  


written by Elizabeth Geyer   /  all copyrights  reserved

From their webs the beautiful spiders wait and watch

As Cupid walks out between bride and blush

and wife and lot

They can't see the web from their dreary lives

And they can't go alone

Beautiful spiders by their sides

And there's nothing so true as a spider in love

Que Sera Sera, they're taking them out as they run with their hearts

Tagging their prey in a moment of lust

Remember me when spiders' desires turn to dust


Spiders forever clean the slates

They lick up the icing and leave all the cake

From one who swore they had their last spidery chance

well I'm under their spell from the very first dance

Beautiful spiders on the run

the last few tweaks to truth's final draft and they're done!

The picture is big so mark my words

We spiders taste sweet

Just ask the birds.