The Dream

Elizabeth Geyer

please note: this artist was formerly known as Elizabeth Carthew. 'The Dream' , a collaboration album with award winning songwriter/multi instrumentalist Tony King led to a top 5 placing in the Australian Songwriting Competition with 'You Carry Me Home',

This edition of The Dream features the beautiful cover art of Paul Foreman.

'Simply the most beautiful collection of songs from a local artist I have ever heard' Michael Beaumont, RADIO FM 99.3

'Everytime I play a track from this album on the radio, I get callers; "What was that beautiful thing you played after the news..." James Valentine, ABC

'fascinating, very beautiful.... it's amazing' Don Burrows

The Dream is a musical and engaging album, characterised by its lyricism and emotional integrity... Elizabeth has really come into her own. From the opening tune, the gentle Until I’ve Show You Paris, she commands the listener with her poignant, yearning vocal style and tender piano playing. The arrangements are creative and texturally rich... Furthermore, there are some thoughtful, probing ideas and beautiful imagery contained in the lyrics. ..Same World, Different Eyes, for example, deals with the corruption of childhood naivety by the adult sense of futility and the love songs, like The Dream, avoid obvious clichés, exploring instead the complexities and contradictions involved in romantic affairs. This is a musically interesting and honest album, an impressive debut from a most promising singer/songwriter. - Jasmine Crittenden DRUM MEDIA

'Elizabeth stands apart from our other artists simply because of her incredible talent and diversity as a magnificent vocalist, pianist, trumpet and flugelhorn player and last but not least as a composer...' - Leslie Moore, AUSTRALIAN JAZZ AGENCY

New music with a twist.. sophisticated and sultry' BENT magazine

'The melodies are infectious and the lyrics are intelligent .. poetic and thought provoking' HAWKESBURY INDEPENDANT

"breathtaking" Mark Kennedy, breakfast FM 99.3

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