"She's a force of nature. Amazing singer and songwriter, original vocalist, wonderful trumpet player and multi-instrumentalist. She writes songs that come directly from the heart."      



"I love this album (The Bridge). There's something about Elizabeth's voice and the changes she likes and the horn rising up out it all that is so bloody original. Lyrically it's anything but predictable, almost conversational. The songwriting and musicianship is just superb."  



'Geyer has a beautiful voice. Her songs have a perfect blend of fantastic vocals, songwriting and instrumentation.  Geyer's multi faceted talent is on full display in this wonderful album" (The Bridge) 



"If it was me I'd make a law that everyone on earth should hear that song (The Bridge). Absolutely beautiful. Awesome lyrics and the girl is soo musical"




Life is not all waterfalls and rainbows. Chances are, when you need beauty the most, you will be stuck in a cement parking lot.

But it is exactly that beauty and meaning in the ordinary - the kind that one has to dig deep to find, that has always fascinated South Australian born singer/songwriter and flugelhorn player Elizabeth Geyer.

2020's Deeper Imaginings, a collaboration with American multi award winning Paul Adams came out of a need for something purer, gentle, healing, yet adventurous to balance out years when Elizabeth as a vegetarian found herself working in a supermarket meat department . 

It has received major award nominations in 2020 including the Independent Music Awards (Best New Age Album) , Zone music Reporter Award (Best Relaxation/ Meditation album)  and One world Music Award (Best Contemporary Instrumental Album).

Deeper Imaginings picks up from its predecessor Imaginings, 2015's Zone Music Reporter's Contemporary Instrumental Album Of The Year which debuted at No 1 on the iTunes New Age chart and showcases some of the world's finest musicians including Indian bansuri flute prodigy Pravin Godkhindi, David Hoffman (trumpeter/ arranger, Ray Charles) and Gary Green (UK 's Gentle Giant) much less its co-creator, two time ZMR winner, Paul Adams.

But Elizabeth's most distinctive contribution to date is perhaps that as singer/songwriter with four independent album releases to date and more in the pipeline. Her former life as a freelance jazz trumpet player comes through via key influences Freddie Hubbard, Pat Metheny as well as singer storytellers like Joni Mitchell, Kacey Musgraves and James Taylor.

Elizabeth's songs have garnered praise from some the best ears in the business including Jim Moginie (Midnight Oil),  Grammy winner Ricky Kej and three time Grammy winner Bill Champlin of the band Chicago. In 2013 the late great Bruce Lundvall  featured Elizabeth for his Blue Note Hour on Sirius XFM in New York.

Last but not least are the lyrics.  Honoring that core theme of finding beauty in the ordinary,  Elizabeth's writing takes us places songwriters don't usually go, exploring the inner lives of human beings -  some herself, some others -  in suburbia, caravan parks, feeling joy or grief, maybe making awkward conversation, enduring loneliness, envy, or maybe simply stuck at a party -  from giddy first love, happy childhood memories all the way to late bloomers finding themselves, or an old couple selling their lifelong family home, feeling enormous upheaval while simply waiting at the bustop. We are each unique, chequered, flawed, yet vulnerable  beautiful human beings.  

In a world filled with clumsy attempts to connect with each other, - where, as she sings, everyone is on their phones -  Elizabeth's music does exactly that; it connects us, immediately and meaningfully, from the heart.

To listen or purchase any of the albums below, click this link . Deeper Imaginings is out now streaming and available everywhere.


 “Deeper Imaginings” is the highly anticipated follow-up to Paul Adams and Elizabeth Geyer's 2015 ZMR Contemporary Album of the Year winner “Imaginings”. It is always hard to replicate an album that has become a modern classic – but Adams and Geyer might have done just that." 


"The combination of instruments is quite fascinating and different from your typical new age release because of the jazz element injected by Elizabeth Geyer’s flugelhorn. Then her piano also helps that taste of jazz and in retrospect gives each track an entirely different musical window to look through. But then again, every instrument that is included adds another dimension, layer, and or texture making it all a very unique and symbol of the diversity of talent..."    NEW AGE MUSIC REVIEWS

"It's been a thrill to collaborate once again on this project with  Paul and the other incredible musicians from around the globe including Pravin Godkhindi, David Hoffman, Gary Green (Gentle Giant) and Alp Akmaz "- Elizabeth
Deeper Imaginings is available now and streaming everywhere.

  "..now that she's here, it's clear she's here to stay. Killer stuff for boomers that have given up on finding anything new ever again worth their effort."  


"With The Bridge Elizabeth Geyer has triumphed in every way possible. As far as this listener is concerned it is a perfect 5/5 stars!"

ADULT CONTEMPORARY NEW AGE REVIEW                                                                                 

'Blessed with a lovely clear voice, Geyer delivers her intensely beautiful songs.. Songs and lyrics are ongoing very impressive..  The Bridge is such a gorgeous, emotional thorough album that will last a lifetime.'


                                                Elizabeth Geyer
                                           with Gary Holgate (bass)   Nic Cecire (drums)  Bill Risby (piano)