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Ten years after the rest of the world, I finally have a smart phone! It really is like a personal assistant! It is almost worth falling to the back end of technology for as long as you can stand, just for the incredible experience of leaping straight to the front with a new phone.  I tried out the video with a song and here it is - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVbX6RDOIWs&t=43s


2017-03-20 19:06:53 - Gary Hayden
Hello Liz. I'm always glad to read your journal entries and wish you would leave more! Anyway, i'm wishing you a belated great 2017 (hoping it will be a better year for you, me, and everyone). By the way I STILL don't have a smart phone-though in my case it's because of job loss, largely. I guess once I find some work again I may finally have to make the leap..but at least you know there's somebody else getting to it even later than you! All my best- Gary
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