elizabeth geyer

My Journal..

We all know that awards and charts etc don't matter a scrap - only music does. Yet the irony is, in order to get heard, those other things help to make it possible. It's a balance that will probably always make me squirm along with countless other musicians.

So, in trying to find some of that balance, it was a buzz to be part of this lovely album that Paul Adams has made (also with Pravin Godkhindi and David Hoffman - the video below is a taster and explains how I got involved ) Imaginings is now No 3 on the Zone chart and while I don't know too much about this other process yet, it's in the GrammyⓇ 58 ballott under New Age. I wish Paul the very best on this amazing journey whatever it is meant to be. It's been a trip to be able to work with him on two totally different albums, both my own forthcoming and this one of his.

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