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My Journal..

So much has happened since I last wrote in my website journal. It is such a relief and a wonderful feeling to finally have this album out that we have worked on for so long.  I am now back in America visiting and so grateful to see airplay starting to pop up in all sorts of places, and hear that some people are really enjoying the new songs. If you are listening, please do share the music with your friends, and a huge THANK you!

Over the past few  years things changed  for me- I left my gigs and home, went to Adelaide, worked in a supermarket and music had to kind of take a back seat. The great part was being able to spend time with family.  Apart from working on this album with Paul from opposite sides of the globe, music though, felt like another lifetime. I am enjoying simple things right  now that I am going to try never to take for granted again, like having time again to listen to the music of others. It is very good.. 

Are you familiar with Pandora?  Because I have just one teeny favour to ask you.. I promise this is free and very quick to do. You don't have to be signed in.  But  I do really need your help. We need to get my new album The Bridge onto Pandora..  could you go to this link http://www.pandora.com/elizabeth-geyer and click 'create station'  ?  Take a listen too if you like - Pandora place my music with so many interesting new artists - it's an excellent way to find new music that is the exact kind that you like. And again thank you. Your help in this one tiny way, I most appreciate!

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