elizabeth geyer


The Bridge

by Elizabeth Geyer

Released 2016
Eg Records
Released 2016
Eg Records
Singer Songwriter with jazz sensibilities and lyrical storytelling
"She's a force of nature. Amazing singer and songwriter, original vocalist, wonderful trumpet player and multi instrumentalist. She writes songs that come directly from the heart.”

In making music, I have tried to stay out of my own way, write only the song that is asking to be written, and when recording, ask only what is the song asking for. We know deep down when a thing is right.

I waited seven years to record THE BRIDGE - another one of those things that had to be 'right'! I have my talented friend Paul Adams to thank for making this album possible. The Bridge has been a long journey, a whole series of leaps of faith, starting with me getting on a plane in Australia for Peoria, Illinois in Winter, 2013. I can't wait to share these 13 new songs with you.'