elizabeth geyer


Elizabeth Geyer

by Elizabeth Geyer

Released 2007
Released 2007
Elizabeth's story began back in 2000 with this debut album featuring contemporary renditions of popular jazz standards. 'very, very special. a uniqueness you want to cling to. the best record I have heard in a long time.' DON BURROWS
REVIEWS FOR 'Elizabeth Geyer'
'In a world of same, in a world of similarity, Elizabeth's extraordinary and individual talent takes us on a different journey every time we listen. Her interpretations of these classic songs reach into my past, into my own stories, and challenge us to revisit and relive old passions and to mourn the emptiness of lost passion. She stirs our hearts and minds and then leaves, until next time we rreach for the music and the words, and of course for Elizabeth'

'Elizabeth stands apart from our other artists simply because of her incredible talent and diversity as a magnificent vocalist, pianist, trumpet and flugelhorn player and last but not least as a composer...'

'very, very special... a uniqueness you want to cling to... the best record I have heard in a long time.'
Don Burrows

Occasionally you hear something with that indefinable quality that makes for 'real' jazz. It swings, there's beautiful playing, it has warmth and most of all, it makes you feel good. Liz does all this and more - it's nice to have another great jazz CD in my collection!'
James Morrison

'Don Burrows has described Elizabeth Geyer's debut CD as possibly the finest Australian jazz recording made in the last ten years... the CD immediately catches the ear for sheer originality of sound and clean execution of popular standards... Elizabeth excels on trumpet, flugelhorn, piano and she has delightful vocals.'

'Elizabeth Geyer has made every post a winner.. the talents of this instrumentalist, singer and arranger are amply displayed... containing many examples of her tasty muted trumpet and mellow flugelhorn playing. But Geyer shines just as much as a singer, showing taste and imagination as she delivers the lyrics with conviction rather than trying to rebuild the melody line. There are many excellent moments but none better than when Geyer, an accomplished pianist, accompanies herself on Joni Mitchell's Both Sides Now."

**** (four stars) WEEKEND AUSTRALIAN Review of 'Elizabeth Geyer' by Kevin Jones