elizabeth geyer


note: this artist formerly known as Elizabeth Carthew

 My  Journal.. 29/08/16

It is a tricky  balance to find, that between making music and promoting it, which is what The Bridge is about.  We make our music  to be shared and heard by others, yet my favourite music is made only for the pure joy and privilege of making it.  I always have to be careful not to forget  that because when I do, I can fall into depression. We live in a world run by social networking and a million distractions on the internet.  I long always to get back to the real things. These past few months I've been playing a game where I say to myself  'If I HAD to write a song about THAT right there in front of me now  - eg  that hotel, or customer,  this situation, my old third grade music teacher -  what would it be'.  This game is making me very happy.  It always sounds lofty somehow but it really is true, happiness is in the doing. 



'Blessed with a lovely clear voice, Geyer delivers her intensely beautiful songs on The Bridge like the very best female colleagues from the past.. simply beautiful singing. Songs and lyrics are ongoing very impressive..  The Bridge is such a gorgeous, emotional thorough album that will last a lifetime.'  -  Pieter Wijnstekers HEAVEN MUSIC MAGAZINE NETHERLANDS



                                           Introducing..  THE BRIDGE
"Certain music, songs whenever I hear them, take me  to a safe, blissful, timeless place and have seen me through the hardest times in my life. I waited  seven years to record again, it had to feel ‘right’. That moment finally came late one night, a few seconds into my first listen of an album that had arrived from America, Paul Adams’ The Land Where I Come From. What a wondrous creation! I was hooked straight away by its unique beauty and wondered about talking Paul into joining creative forces.
A few months later I was on a plane from Australia to Peoria in America’s mid west, to a whole new world of corn fields, snowstorms, jazz gigs and bottomless coffee.
I’ve yet to make an album quickly and easily and this is no exception!  It has also been one of the richest most magical adventures of my life.  Above all I thank Paul for making this album a reality ; for your music, patience, faith, generosity and friendship. Thankyou to my family for your love and support; to friends both past and present who’ve shared my musical journey - particularly Grant Thomas - also Nic Cecire, John Hanlon, Tony King, Dave Hoffman, John Morrison, Bill Risby and anyone who has supported my music in any way over the years.
My dream was always to make music that might touch others like it touched me. The Bridge has been a long journey, a whole series of leaps of faith, starting with me getting on a plane in Australia for Peoria, Illinois in Winter, 2013.  I'm so happy to share these 13 new songs with you. Last but not least, thank YOU for listening! Life is not easy but it is full of great beauty.  My hope is that these songs capture that."


'If it was me I'd make it a law that everyone on the earth should hear that song (The Bridge). Absolutely beautiful.  Awesome lyrics and the girl is sooooo musical.'



 "Elizabeth Geyer's music is heartfelt, soulful and beautiful. She's equally proficient on the  piano and the flugelhorn, both of which she utilizes to  enhance her deep, clear voice. As a singer/songwriter she is equal to the best. Her music is as honest as it gets."

DAVID HOFFMAN - long term arranger/trumpet soloist with Ray Charles
                                                Elizabeth Geyer
                                           with Gary Holgate (bass)   Nic Cecire (drums)  Bill Risby (piano)


                                       photo with Paul Adams courtesy of KEITH E COTTON